Zero Tolerance Policy

Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd. adopts a “Zero Tolerance Policy” around all matters of HSEQ, People and Equal Opportunities Policies nature.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy is enforceable by all our Site Management Teams.

Our Site Management Teams will be observant and vigilant when on site, to the actions of other site personnel who could be breaching the Policy conditions.

Anyone found contravening the Zero Tolerance Policy will be stopped and moved to a safe place where an explanation of the breach is to be tabled. If the breach is a major non-conformance, they will be instructed to leave the site. In the case of a minor non-conformance, they will be stood down in the canteen and a corrective plan of action will be agreed upon and implemented.

Our Health and Safety Manager must be notified by telephone and email immediately of all non-conformances. The non-conformances will be recorded on the Zero Tolerance Log. 

All non-conformances issued must be reviewed by our Contracts Manager, Health & Safety Manager and the Project Manager for the site in question. 

Where a non-conformance is issued to a sub-contractor, the named sub-contractor will be responsible for closing it out. All non-conformances will be followed by a Root Cause & Effect analysis and the learning shared across the company as part of our internal system of Knowledge Management & Sharing.

Personnel will be removed from the site pending investigation of allegations involving:

  • Breaches of HSEQ standards and involvement in unsafe actions.
  • Breaching the site specific rules 
  • Involvement in any criminal offence
  • Bullying and harassment

Any Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd. employee found to be contravening the Zero Tolerance Policy will be subject to the company’s disciplinary procedure.  All company policies will be displayed in our site offices, canteens and website.

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