Sustainable Procurement Policy

This policy describes Ganson Building and Civil Engineering Ltd. commitments to achieve sustainable outcomes through our procurement processes and is to be applied to the materials, products, components, works or services which we provide. 

We also require our supply chain members to adhere to the requirements of this policy.

Responsibility for this policy lies with our Managing Director. The implementation of this policy is the collective responsibility of all managers, engineers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors. 

We expect our supply chain members to be creative and innovative as to how it develops sustainable options and to support us in achieving ‘best sustainable value for money’ for our customers. We apply circular economy principles when considering the environmental, social and economic impact of activities through design, material selection, manufacture, transportation, construction, usage and end-of-life use through recycling or reuse. 

Our Procurement Policy is based on the principles of the Circular Economy and the Waste Hierarchy Pyramid as follows:

Ensure that all suppliers and sub-contractors are validated before inclusion on our approved list.

We collaborate with our designers and supply chain members to ensure that we reduce the critical negative environmental impacts of supply chain operations and also work with suppliers and subcontractors to minimise and manage these impacts and ensure legal compliance. 

We will source products, materials and services ethically through approved and credible suppliers. 

We aim to minimise waste and material use and give preference to materials products and services with the greatest circular-economy benefits. 

Aim to reduce the operational energy use of our projects and quantify the embodied carbon of key materials. 

Reduce the operational water use of our projects and quantify the embodied water of key materials. 

Protect and where possible enhance the biodiversity of our sites and manage the impact of the products and materials we use on natural habitats. 

Reduce the impacts on air quality by controlling environmental site nuisances. 

Offer small and medium enterprises, social enterprises and local businesses the opportunity to participate in our supply chain and to work with suppliers who actively manage diversity & inclusion in their workforce. 

Recruit locally and provide opportunities for graduates, trainees and apprenticeships. 

Engage positively with the local community through the appointment of Liaison Officers for all our construction sites.

This policy will be constantly monitored, updated and checked for compliance with relevant legislation. It will be updated as necessary and subjected to the rigours of continuous improvement.

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