Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is central to how we operate and forms a key component of our Building For The Future strategy. We have carefully examined the 17 sustainable development goals at the United Nations and are fully committed to contributing to their attainment, when within our power.

We encourage all our stakeholders to enrich the social and physical environment through the provision of innovative and quality-assured environmentally friendly and sustainable infrastructure that supports daily lives, enhances communities and enables sustainable economic growth. We have identified three focus areas that are most important to our sustainability objectives: 

Environment, Materials and Communities. 

It is our ambition to move beyond Zero Net Carbon and generate Zero Waste by 2030. To help us realise our sustainability ambitions, we have set short-term targets for 2030 as follows: 

  • Reduce our Greenhouse Gas and Carbon outputs to Net Zero
  • Reduce the amount of waste we generate by 100%  by 2030
  • Provide € 0.4 million of Social Value towards these targets up to 2030

Each construction site will develop its roadmap working towards our sustainability ambitions and agreeing on additional targets relevant to their specific operations. 

Our sustainability commitments are supported by the following actions: 


  • Developing new solutions to drive Net Zero Carbon by collaborating across the value chain 
  • Switching to renewable energy for all our operations 
  • Decarbonising our plant, fleet, offices and site accommodation
  • Building resilient environmentally friendly sustainable infrastructure 
  • Protecting and enhancing ecological resources and the environment 


  • Working with our supply chain to reduce the embodied carbon of materials 
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce waste generation and increase re-use and recycling 
  • Applying waste management hierarchy principles
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to implement circular economy principles
  • Sourcing materials responsibly and favouring those with a sustainable environmental impact 


  • Offering local employment, training and development opportunities 
  • Prioritising the long-term unemployed
  • Supporting small, local and diverse-owned businesses 
  • Supporting skills, education and training 
  • Contributing to charities and community organisations 
  • Encouraging volunteering 
  • Reducing the risk of modern slavery in our business and supply chain 
  • Promoting social mobility, diversity and inclusion 
  • Supporting employees through third-level education in environmental sustainability research

Through early engagement with stakeholders and by working with our supply chain partners we will offer our employees support on how to meet our sustainability objectives.  To deliver this policy, we will raise sustainability awareness with our employees and supply chain partners through training courses, toolbox talks, workshops and other formal and informal communication methods. This policy will be displayed in all our site offices.

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