Risk Management Policy

Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd. Risk Management Policy, in accordance with ISO-31000:2018, is central to our ability to deliver our strategic objectives and business plans by ensuring that: 

  • We take informed and controlled risk-based decisions in all our affairs; 
  • Risk identification and management is established within the culture at all levels of the organisation; 
  • A standard and consistent approach for the identification, assessment, response and monitoring of risk is in place; 
  • We comply with risk management requirements within Corporate Governance Codes including maintaining sound risk management and internal control systems and that emerging business-critical risks are escalated promptly; 
  • An ongoing activity to review the adequacy and effectiveness of the risk management process within the internal control environment is in place. 

Our approach to Risk Management is to identify and assess risk to inform decision-making around responding to risk and opportunities, limiting any adverse impact of such events and pursuing opportunities where taking risks could benefit the business. In understanding and managing risk, we provide greater certainty over results and build confidence in our employees, customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. 

It is the responsibility of: 

  • Our Directors to establish procedures to manage risk, oversee the internal control framework, and determine the nature and extent of the principal risks the company is willing to take to achieve our long-term strategic objectives; 
  • Company Directors to own and provide effective management and reporting of assigned company risks; 
  • Company Directors to monitor changes in the company risk profile and act as the executive oversight for risk management within the business and functions; 
  • Every individual in the business to comply with this Policy as an integral part of their day-to-day duties. 

This Policy will be brought to the attention of our employees, supply chain partners and relevant interested parties, reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

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