Responsible Business Policy

To successfully implement and achieve our business objectives and deliver quality stakeholder value, we must operate responsibly and sustainably. We have listened to our stakeholders and are focused on the issues that matter the most to them.  

Hence, we made commitments that will position us as a leading responsible business, helping us to achieve our long-term ambitions and to positively add value to the environment sustainably. Our responsible business commitments will serve as the guiding principles for our employees, designers, partners, sub-contractors and suppliers when making decisions. 

We are fully committed to the following: 

  1. Eliminate waste through circular economy thinking - ensuring we minimise our impact on the planet, reduce cost and improve resource efficiency 
  2. Enhance biodiversity value and natural capital -- taking a proactive approach to climate change mitigation and the improvement of our environment 
  3. Always prioritise the Health & Safety of our people and members of the public - contributing to both Zero Harm and Zero Defects
  4. Inclusive and accessible to all - ensure all employees are treated and valued equally, actively promoting diversity and inclusion. Our solutions are accessible and inclusive, where possible going beyond the requirements of legal requirements. 
  5. Enable people to be at their very best every day - prioritising the physical and mental well-being of our people
  6. Community and customer focused to deliver social value - respecting the communities and customers that we serve, minimising the negative impact of our operations and investing locally to generate measurable social value 
  7. Responsible procurement and supply chain management - working only with suppliers and sub-contractors that meet our high standards for human rights and respect for the environment. 
  8. Ethical conduct - our people, partners and suppliers must adhere to the requirements of our Ethical Business Conduct Policy. We appreciate that operating sustainably and responsibly is part of our culture and this is underpinned by our attitudes, values, policies and procedures. 

All our employees, partners, sub-contractors and suppliers are encouraged to adhere to this policy and to live our values. We strive towards continuous improvement in all areas.

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