People Policy

Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd. recognises that being a great and inclusive business depends on us creating the right environment and having great people who are healthy, engaged, respected, motivated and rewarded to give their best every day.

To support our team members in meeting their potential and working to the best of their ability, we have implemented approaches, values, policies, standards, systems and processes for recruiting, developing, motivating, rewarding and managing our people. These reflect our values and promote good health and well-being. We comply with employment and data protection laws and regulations wherever we work, and build trust in our working relationships. 

To provide a safe, inclusive and great place to work, where everyone can be at their best. 

We will: 

  • Ensure we have the skills and resources to meet customer expectations by recruiting, inducting, motivating and training high-quality people who reflect the communities in which we work 
  • Protect and maintain the health of our people through the implementation of robust risk management, health surveillance and fitness for work programmes 
  • Actively promote employee well-being and a healthy work-life balance through our dynamic and flexible working culture, the offer of medicals for all employees, and access for all members of our workforce, including our supply chain, to a Mental Health First Aider and Employee Assistance Programme 
  • Effectively manage and reward employee performance, ensuring all employees can develop their skills and capabilities to meet current and future business needs 
  • Keep every employee's data secure and comply with all applicable data protection laws. All our employees will be treated fairly and consistently to promote good working relationships, respecting equal opportunities at all times 
  • Proactively drive and measure the equality, diversity and inclusivity of our workforce, creating an environment where every employee can be at their best. We will not tolerate any discrimination of any sort.
  • Operate a procedure for addressing inappropriate behaviour in the workplace such as; harassment, bullying and abuse, providing support to employees affected as required. 
  • Support and contribute to the social and economic well-being of the communities in which we work, encouraging people to volunteer in projects that strengthen these areas. 

It is a company requirement that all employees must implement and comply with the requirements of “The Ganson Way”. This policy will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure the management system is suitable, effective, consistently implemented and continually improved. We strive for continuous improvement in all areas of our business processes.

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