Collaborative Working Policy

Ganson Building and Civil Engineering Ltd. recognise the importance of collaboration in achieving our vision of 'improving people's lives’, ‘delivering quality projects’ and ‘improving the environment’. 

This statement is a declaration that we will, where appropriate, select and develop strong and effective collaborative business relationships that achieve added value for all stakeholders. Our processes for Collaborative Working reflect the requirements of 'ISO44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationships', and outlines the processes, tools and direction that are to be followed to ensure that collaborative relationships are formed in the right situations, and in an ethical manner most likely to bring about sustainable results. 

This policy states that our management team shall ensure: 

  • That a valid 'business case' is formed before contemplating any collaborative working relationship. 
  • When choosing our collaborative partners, they are selected against predetermined criteria. 
  • The degree of collaborative working agreed upon with each partner is suitable to the attainment of the desired objectives. 
  • The collaborative working approach with each partner are fully defined, agreed upon, and documented before any collaborative working occurs. 
  • Each collaborative relationship is delivering 'added value' in line with objectives. 
  • Staff working in collaborative situations are sufficiently and appropriately skilled to do so. 
  • An exit strategy is agreed upon before commencing collaborative working with any partner. 
  • This policy is communicated effectively to all employees and made available to all interested parties. 
  • Prior experience is used to continually improve the collaborative working approach. 

Compliance with this policy shall be monitored through our integrated audits and assessment processes. This policy will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure its effectiveness. The policy will also be continually improved and published on our website.

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