Management Team

Paul Mc Quaid is a Co-founder of the Ganson Group and as Chairman is responsible for all aspects of the Ganson Group operations. Having graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1987 from Queen’s University Belfast, he has worked in the building and civil engineering industry for more than 30 years amalgamating a vast knowledge and expertise which he now uses to ensure the financial stability of the company and the continued growth, strength and diversification of the group.

David Rogers is a co-founder of the Ganson Group and is Chief Executive of Ganson Building & Civil Engineering Ltd in the Republic of Ireland. Having graduated as a Civil Engineer along with Paul in 1987 from Queen’s University, he also has amalgamated a huge wealth of experience in the industry. He has been intrinsically involved in the growth of the company and is the driving force behind the delivery of building excellence in Ganson. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company.

Gerard Mc Clelland is the Chief Executive of Ganson UK which became part of the group in 2010 as part of the group expansion. He has also worked within the building industry for almost 30 years with a number of leading construction companies in Northern Ireland and is responsible for the operations of Ganson UK.

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